Upcoming Events

Saturday 10/31 @1pm  – Home v. Windham

Report time for Band will be at 11:45am; dismissal will be around 3:15pm.

Tickets information and availability to follow.

  • Students MUST arrive dressed in uniform.  They will not be allowed to change in the school either before or after the game.  
  • Check-in for attendance will be on the trophy case window outside the band room. 
  • Students arriving with instruments from home will be asked to use the hallways to store their case and then immediately proceed to the track field for a show run-through.  Those that have an instrument in the band locker room will grab their instrument and head to the track as well. 
  • After the run-through the band will form a socially distanced parade block and will march over to the game field in lines of 3 or 4.  
  • The band will enter Lancer park from the south gate (not the ramp next to the concessions) to avoid any crowds, proceed around the visitor’s side, and setup 10 feet behind the north end-zone in a socially distance block.  Students will be asked to honor proper distancing.  The bleachers are reserved for the parents.
  • We’re asking the students to wear the school-issued face covering so it matches with their uniform.    
  • The Band will play the National Anthem, pep song during the 1st half, and the halftime show.  Following the show, the band will exit the field and proceed directly back to the school for an early dismissal , where students will be let into the band area in small groups.  We will not do the “swirly thing”. 
  • Concessions will be closed; bathrooms will be open. 
  • Band students will be told they can’t reenter after they’ve been dismissed.   

Become a FOM Member!

TO BECOME A MEMBER please use the following link: https://forms.gle/Ba6qm4yAue7t7Wmi6

Annual membership categories are as follows:

Individual Membership: $10.00

Family Membership: $20.00

Gold Family Membership: $30.00 (Name(s) will appear in concert programs throughout the 20-21 school year)

Please pay cash or make check payable to “Friends of Music”

Payment may be given to your child’s music teacher or Mail to:

Friends of Music

295 Mammoth Rd.

Londonderry, NH 03053

Charms Management Tool

Charms Management Tool Charms Office Assistant is the Music Department’s management tool.  This on-line system allows you to monitor your student’s financial status, view calendar events and postings, anytime – and also gives you the option of making future trip … Continue reading