Allenstown Parade

REPORT TIME 8am.  Departure at 8:30am.

Saturday Morning Status: Parade is on! We are going.

The Londonderry Marching Lancer Band and Colorguard will participate in the Allenstown & Pembroke Old Home Day Parade on Saturday August 27th.  The parade, which starts at 10am, begins on School St in Allenstown, turns right on Main St, passing through downtown Pembroke before turning left onto Broadway and the Pleasant St.  Good viewing can be found along Main St near the Suncook River or in downtown Pembroke.

New Hampshire’s Old Home Day tradition dates back to the turn of the 20th century when Governor Frank Rollins came up with the idea as a way to encourage people to return to their home towns in New Hampshire.  At the time communities were shrinking due to the migration to the mill towns of Manchester, Lowell, and Lawrence.  The towns of Allenstown and Pembroke combine for a joint Old Home Day celebration each year.

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