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Online ticketing is now closed.  If you would like to attend any of the remaining shows, please bring check payment with you to pay at the door.

Table Seating for Sunday November 3rd at 1pm  SOLD OUT.  Please consider Non-Table seating or later show below.

Non-Table Seating for Sunday November 3rd at 1pm

Table Seating for Sunday November 3rd at 5pm

Non-Table Seating for Sunday November 3rd at 5pm

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Prism is Coming!

November 2 & 3, 2013

Like a multitude of colors emanating from a crystal prism, the Prism Concert features a kaleidoscope of songs and instrumental arrangements performed in immediate succession from every possible angle.  The music is continuous and performers are set up in various positions throughout the room.  Emphasis is on popular music, jazz, and lighter concert fare with a few classical pieces added to the mix.

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