Band Camp – Week of August 10th

Band Camp for everyone is this week:


Please plan your arrival to be able to start promptly at 8:30am each day!

UPDATE: Report time for Thursday is 7:30am for pictures.  Please bring FULL uniform.

REMINDER: Preview performance of this year’s halftime show, The American Spirit, will be held at 3:30PM today. Open to the public, please bring your whole family and invite friends and neighbors!!

BandCampflagBandCamp2014a BandCamp2014b BandCamp2014c BandCamp2014d

Please remember:  DONATIONS

FOM is seeking donations of cases of water; store bought cookies/brownies/cupcakes or other snacks;         freeze pops delivered frozen (please) each morning;
Gatorade powder / powdered lemonade or iced tea; watermelon / oranges;
9 Oz paper cups & paper plates.

Drop off/Pick up Reminder:  Please leave the left lane clear so traffic can keep moving.  DO NOT stop in travel lane to drop off/pick up students.  If you are not going to pull up to the curb, please pull all the way in to the parking lot for drop off/pick up.

Thank you so much!

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