Exec Board Welcomes New Members

At the final Friends of  Music meeting on June 5th, FOM President Andy Hayes announced new Exec Board members, Secretary Geoff Garian and Treasurer-elect Laurie Marsden.  Remaining Board members, President Andy Hayes, Vice President Deb Conti and Treasurer Mary Calawa, along with the new members were all voted into office by the members of Friends of Music.

The Board said good-bye to Tina Morrill, who spent 4 years on the Board, 2 years as Treasurer-elect and 2 years as Treasurer.  Her experience and wealth of knowledge will be greatly missed.

The Board also said good-by to Secretary Fiona Moran.  Fiona took on many large projects while on the board and will also be missed.

Treasurer-elect Mary Calawa is now the Treasurer of FOM for the next 2 years.  Andy Hayes and Deb Conti each have 1 more year on the Board.


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