Marching Lancers Collect Funds for Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Victims

The Londonderry Marching Lancers Band is soliciting donations to support their fellow musicians in the North Japan Green Honor Band. Both bands performed in the 2011 Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.   The Green Honor Band also performed just before the Marching Lancers at the Roses Bandfest.

Based in northern Japan, the members and families of the Green Band were directly impacted by this month’s earthquake and tsunami.  At least one band member has been confirmed dead and a number of families lost their homes to the tsunami.  All proceeds will go to the Green Band Association to benefit band members and their families.

The Japan Green Band has a history of raising money to help disaster victims.  During their trip to the Rose Parade, the Green Band held a fundraiser to benefit the families of firefighters who died in the Station Fire in the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles.  Over the past five years the Green band has raised over $30,000 to help disaster victims around the globe.

The North Japan Green Honor Band passing in review at Roses Bandfest with Marching Lancers about to enter field - Dec 30, 2010

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