Music Dept. Students 2017-2018 Dunkin’ Donuts Coupon Book Fundraiser

Dunkin Donuts Coupon Books Fundraiser

We are happy to announce the return of Dunkin Donuts Coupon Books Fundraiser!!
Each coupon book contains over $25 in Dunkin’s savings and are available for $10 each, of which the student receives $7 in their account!  This is a 70% profit for the student!!  Coupons are valid until August 31, 2018!


You can either pay $10 for each book up front, or purchase just 1 book to use as a sample, then take orders for additional books.

Use the links below to print out a Sales sheet to track your sales and a flyer that can be placed with a sales sheet in an office setting.

LHS Dunkin Coupon Sales Sheet                            2017-2018 Lancers DD Flyer

Coupon Books will be available for purchase or pick-up at Thursday night practices (6pm-8pm).

For more information contact Jan Harris at:

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