The PRISM concert is coming Saturday, October 29th @ 7p and Sunday, October 30th @ 1p and 5p.



What is PRISM?

PRISM is a concert that involves the:

  • Chorus
  • Orchestra
  • Jazz ensemble, and
  • Approximately 25 additional student solo and group acts.

The student solo and group acts are selected through an audition process that takes place during the first week in October.

Prism concert features a kaleidoscope of songs and instrumental arrangements performed in immediate succession from every possible angle. As a duet of singers finish a Broadway selection on one stage, a jazz ensemble strikes up a jazz standard from the opposite direction, and so on.

The concert is intended to provide a variety of music including popular music, Broadway music, jazz, rock, and classical.

This show sells out every year, so don’t miss out!

PRISM Concert
Saturday, October 29th @ 7p and Sunday, October 30th @ 1p and 5p
All tickets are $12.

Online ticketing will be available on October 15th.

Auditions are the week of October 3rd, sign ups are outside the music room. Contact Mr. Beaulieu or Mrs. Loschiavo for further information.

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