World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Continues!

wfc_logoWe a VERY excited to introduce our latest fundraiser –

World’s Finest Chocolates is family owned and based in Chicago since 1939.  They are one of 9 American companies that manufacture chocolate directly from the bean, combining that with an exclusive blend of premium ingredients.  These are GOOD chocolates!!!

Due to requests, we now have boxes that contain everything except milk chocolate.  If you need additional boxes of chocolate, please let us know when you pick it up, if you’d like the ‘original‘ assortment or the ‘revised‘ assortment.

Original‘ assortment contains: milk chocolate/dark chocolate/crisp/almond/caramel
Revised‘ assortment contains: dark chocolate/crisp/almond/caramel

Students will be selling variety boxes of $1 candy bars.  This is a 50% Profit Fundraiser!!!  See World’s Finest Fundraiser Flyer for more details.

For any questions contact Laurie Marsden ( / 603-260-6913) or Sue Rouse ( / 603-303-3912)

Life is like a box of chocolates….!

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