Yankee Candle Fundraiser


Yankee Candle fundraiser is going on now for everyone in the music department! 40% of all your sales go into your student account.


All forms and money are due on September 20th!

Please make checks payable to: FRIENDS OF MUSIC
Payment is to be collected at the time of order. Please do not send cash.

• All orders and money must be returned NO LATER than September 20th to the box labeled YANKEE CANDLE in the band room. Please make sure your contact information is on the envelope and seal it shut.
•Be sure that the seller’s name and Friends of Music are printed at the top of the order form.
•This is a triplicate form, please print clearly and bear down.
•Before you turn in your order packet, be sure that the order and payment received agree.
•Return the yellow and white copies with your order packet and keep the pink copy of the order form and the product catalog for reference at delivery.
•Smile, be polite and thank your customers for their support.
•Please, no door-to-door selling! Sales are encouraged to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
•Extra packets are available in the band and chorus rooms. Delivery of candles should be sometime in October/November.

For more information contact Christine Tighe at 426-5232 or Janice Cardwell at 860-1378

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