You asked for it!!!!

PizzaDough…and now it’s Back Again!!!!

Pizza Dough Ball Fundraiser!

FOM is once again pleased to offer our Pro Dough – Pizza and Cookie Dough Fundraiser!

Pro Dough is a local company that offers 16 oz. frozen pizza dough balls and 36 oz. tubs of frozen cookie dough to be sold by music students to help offset travel expenses

Pizza dough balls are sold for $2.00-$2.50 each, %50 of sales going directly into student accounts!
Flavor choices are as follows:

  • White ($2)
  • Wheat ($2)
  • Multi-Grain ($2)
  • Garlic and Herb ($2)
  • NEW – Organic White ($2.50)

Cookie Dough Too!!!

36 ounce tub of Cookie Dough for $12, with $4.50 of each going to the student’s account.

Cookie Dough comes in 2 flavors:
Chocolate Chip and Cookie Delight (cookie dough with choc. Chips, white chips, M&M’s and Oreo)  Cookie dough is packaged in reusable plastic containers with baking instructions printed on the side.

Sale runs February 1st through February 16th
Completed forms (see link below) along with full payment  (Checks made payable to FOM.) can be deposited in the “Pizza/Cookie Dough Box” in the band or chorus rooms.

Dough pick-up will be at the High School on Tuesday, March 1st from 6:30-8:00pm All dough MUST be picked up at this time as it is frozen

Click on the links below to see the flyer or for the order form.
Questions? Contact Christine Tighe /860-0717 or
Sue Rouse / 303-3912

2016 Pizza/Cookie Dough Flyer                      2016 Pizza/Cookie Dough Order Form

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